What do you mean by "real" pictures?
Most of the photos were taken with a cell phone, and cropped in a standard tool. No color alterations, no special staging, and most of the time no light except natural sunlight.

What is your substitution policy?
We reserve the right to make any reasonable substitutions while maintaining the aesthetic of the piece.
For example, if a photo shows yellow roses and pink lilies, we may opt to use pink roses and yellow lilies.
If a certain substitution is not acceptable - perhaps a favorite flower in a favorite color or a special memory of a certain flower in a certain color - then please tell us in the Special Instructions field during checkout.

How long will my flowers last? How can I make them last longer?
While we guarantee them for 7 days from delivery, it is not unusual for certain flowers to last longer. All arrangements require proper care:

  • Keep the vase/container full of room-temperature water.
  • Feed with cut flower food only. Need more? Stop on by - it's free.
  • Re-cut stems every 2-3 days if possible using a sharp knife or clean, sharp shears that will not crush stems.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight! Cut flowers do not need it, and can be harmed by it.
  • Remove individual stems as they die, and enjoy the rest even longer.

I heard that florists reuse vases. Is that true?
Yes, and no. I cannot speak for every florist. If you have an abundance of clean, scratch-free vases that you would like to trade in with us, we are happy to take them, and even give you a little something in thanks. Vases that are cracked, chipped, scratched, or too dirty cannot be reused, though you are welcome to drop them off with the others and we will take them to a local thrift store or recycling center, depending on condition.

I want to use my own container for my flowers. How do I do that?
Please call to discuss a custom arrangement.  We will need to see and evaluate the container first.

Where are all the bows?
You might notice a lot of arrangements do not have bows on them. Many people feel they are outdated. Others love them. If you have a preference, tell us in the special instructions. Otherwise, it is designer's choice based on the shape of the vase and the arrangement.

Where are the baskets? Prom packages? Wedding packages?
Our inspiration guide continues to evolve. For now, please Contact Us Directly if you are unable to order online.

What is your typical delivery timing?
Most same-day orders deliver in the afternoons. Many next-day or future orders can be delivered in the morning.  If you need an earlier time, we will do our best to accommodate but cannot always guarantee.  Please note requests in the "special instructions" when you place your order online.

Do you deliver to businesses, schools, etc?
Absolutely!  Please be sure to list the name of the business or school, otherwise it may not be recognized right away.  Many of them have specific hours and restrictions (especially schools).  We also know that not every employee has the same working hours.  It is very helpful if you are able to note certain specific hours of operation, working shift, or similar information to facilitate delivery.

Why do you need the recipient's phone number?
Unless requested otherwise, we only use your gift recipient's phone number in the event there is no answer when we deliver.  We may notify them where their gift was left (such as a covered porch) or we may request for them to call and arrange delivery if we were unable to leave it safely.

What's up with different delivery charges?
We have a standard service area, and an extended service area. Due to time/costs involved to service extended areas, we must charge a higher rate.

Can I order one of your arrangements to go to someone out of the area?
Yes! We charge a higher delivery fee to cover the cost involved with sending your order to a florist local to that area.  Please note that costs may vary by region, so the gift may be a bit different from what we offer here.  If you have questions or concerns, you can also place these orders by phone.

What if I want something specific that is not shown on your website?
We do take custom orders. You have some options:

  • If you have a generalized request: Go here then during the checkout process you can enter special information in the "Special Instructions" field. Examples if this would be "no carnations" or "loves hydrangea"
  • If you have a very specific request: Contact Us Directly. Rule of thumb, if it takes more than 10 words, give us a call.

How do I set an appointment?
Appointments are typically reserved for events that are complicated or involve multiple pieces. This could be any major life event from baby showers to weddings to funerals. Appointments during daytime hours are often available sooner in the month than evening appointments. Please Contact Us Directly and, if possible, please include a few days/times that you would be available so that we can reach out to you for the earliest possible appointment.

Have a question you don't see answered here? Contact Us now!